everwood fanlisting

bye*bye :(

1/19/03 :: 4:54 PM EASTERN

I'm sorry, but I have to close this everwood fanlisting~ I've lost a lot of motivation for it and I don't have that much time either. Since I opened this, a whole bunch of Everwood fanlistings have popped up and those are awesome; so I suggest you join those instead. Back then, when I was all hyped up .. I think there were like only two. :P Another one, and this one.. now there's a bunch of options so you don't have to worry. =P But anyways, the *positive* thing about this is that I'll be able to focus more on my Emily vancamp shrine, so yay! x] <3

I still love Everwood to pieces, more than ever, actually. :P But this fanlisting has just become one of those chore-pain-in-the-b-u-t-t things to update now. fehhh. sorry! :*(

thanks to lysthea [002], sarah [003], heather [004], amanda [005], diana [006], marbles [007] , rawllie [008], lydia [009], nickey [010], julia [011], nichole [012], and sade [013] for joining~ feel free to take off your codes!

Everwood forever! <3